Our Philosophy

We are social, and as such we all have a need to belong and feel valued. It is our belief that positive relationships are crucial to creating a sense of belonging. Guidance is provided based on sensitivity and respect, with an emphasis on promoting each child’s self-esteem and self-concept.

IMG_8562At Murgon Child Care & Learning Centre our role is to listen with empathy and respond with understanding to the children, their families and each other. Children are encouraged to become aware of their actions and the impact they have on others. Children are provided with opportunities to participate in enriching and challenging experiences, based on having fun and learning through play.


Learning is promoted through children’s interests while catering to individual needs by creating a fun atmosphere, this makes learning easy. Following the principles of the Reggio Emilia approach, we encourage children to interact and discover the natural beauty of their surroundings.

Children are inspired to express themselves through their creativity such as art and music.IMG_8534 We value children’s independence and encourage them to make choices and develop their self-help skills, as we believe this is a fundamental step in the learning ladder. Educators are guided by the Early Years Learning Framework and believe that working with each child’s family, as the child’s first and most influential educators, is the key for the best start in life.

Meal times are a great social experience where all children sit together to share a meal. In partnership with you, our role is to help develop healthy eating habits in children through creating a relaxed and social atmosphere during meal times.

Our qualifications and experience help us understand each child’s needs so we can approach with sensitivity in a gentle and considerate way. Our educators are not only selected based on their experience and qualifications but also on their compassionate and caring nature. We are friendly and fun and believe in providing the highest quality of care by creating an environment that is nurturing and inclusive. Our educators are committed to their personal and professional development and to regularly evaluating their childcare practices. In turn, expect knowledgeable and experienced staff.

IMG_8960We understand the importance of excellent cleanliness and hygiene and ensure that we maintain excellent hygiene at all times. We aim to reduce the use of chemicals used in our cleaning routines. The safety and security of the children in our care is of prime importance. We ensure all buildings, equipment and activities are safe. Children are under constant supervision to ensure their safety and protection.

Our service, the children, and their families are part of our larger community. We are open IMG_0001and supportive in our communication with others in the community, we welcome their ideas and views and we maintain positive relationships with them. Families of children in our care can relax in the reassurance that their children are happy, safe and are given the opportunity to learn and grow. You can trust that while your child is with us, they will feel safe and loved.

They will have a great experience which enriches all areas of their development.

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